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Waxing is a great way to remove unsightly hair. While not a permanent solution, it can be effective for as much as six weeks, leaving you looking sleek and smooth and freeing you from the hassle of constant shaving. Our staff at Happy Nails is highly trained, skilled, and experienced at this useful technique. If you were to ask around Fairbanks, AK and vicinity, you would find quite a few people who can attest to the skill of our team.

If there’s some spot on your body that you feel has too much hair, we can probably take care of the problem by waxing. We can do all the types of waxing shown in this list.

• Lips
• Eyebrows
• Chin
• Under Arms
• Arms
• Legs
• Your Full Face
• Bikini
• Brazilian

You’ll be glad to know that we make sure these processes happen in a private, sanitary environment. If you’ve never had a waxing before, you should be aware that it can be painful for a short while, but the results are well worth it!

If you’ve never done this before, you should also talk to us about when a waxing is not appropriate. If you’re taking certain medications or dealing with certain skin conditions, you’ll want to wait a while on waxing to ensure there are no complications. We can fill you in on the details.

Make your life easier while upgrading your look. Contact us today to schedule a waxing. You know you want to!

Eyebrowns $10
Lip $7
Chin $15
Under Arm $25
Arm Full/Half $50/$35
Leg Full/Haft $70/$50
Full Face $50
Brazillian $65+
Bikini $40

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