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Few things show class and style better than perfectly groomed hands. Hands with well-groomed nails, trimmed cuticles, and smooth skin signal a person with class. And, of course, a manicure (pedicure, too) can be a truly hedonistic experience. That’s why men and women of style in Fairbanks, AK come to Happy Nails, a nail salon with class.

The condition of your hands signals more than just class. They give hints about your age, even the kind of work you do. Taking good care of them (or, better, letting us do it for you) sends nothing but positive signals about the kind of person you are. You know its true!

Since the condition of your hands is so important, you should definitely let our trained nail technicians go to work on you. Picture yourself relaxing in our comfy chairs, while we massage your tired hands and feet (can’t forget those hard-working feet!). You’ll already begin feeling better, and we haven’t even started on your nails yet!

Next, we will begin to work on your nails. Are you looking for something quiet and conservative? The latest in nail art? Classic French nails? Paraffin treatment? Whatever the treatment you settle on, you will be in the best of hands in our jazzy nail salon.

Or, maybe your nails just need a little repair work? We can take care of that for you, too. Regardless of the type of nails you have, we can do the repairs quickly and inexpensively.

It’s a great upgrade to your look, while you are being pampered and treated in style, all at a surprisingly low price. How can you go wrong? Call us today to schedule an appointment for yourself at Happy Nails Nail Salon!

Full Set
Acryic $25
gel Powder $45
gel color tip $55
Pink & White $60
Acryic $18
Gel Powder $25
Pink $25
Pink & White (Back Fill)

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